Registration for the 2022 #SloanStrength5K is now closed, but we’ll be back in 2023. Follow us on IG for updates and join the excitement, movement, and joy at a time where we all need it the most and go. your. own. pace!


  • The 5K is annual. And this is the first year of many to come! 2022 is virtual: April – May.
  • Donations. All donations will be delivered to one of Sloan’s friends who might need a lil’ boost. (Scroll down for more on why the recipient might be kept confidential.)
  • Collect medals. Medals will evolve as the years go on. Right now it’s a badass toddler unicorn: but fifteen years from now we’ll have a badass adult unicorn. Collect them all because you never know when they’ll be worth millions on eBay or we’ll give out prizes for the best medal collection.
  • Share on social media. Did you actually do the 5K if you didn’t post about it? …Probably not. So tag @sloan_strength_ on Instagram and use the hashtag #sloanstrength5K when you post to make sure we see it.
  • Send a supportive message to the recipient. Every year we also want to give our unicorns the chance to share a message of hope, support, and love (or maybe your favorite joke?) for the donation recipient, you can email when that time rolls around.
  • Have a question, order, or tech issue? Email

Sloan Strength 5K: The Mission

Sloan and I (Kari) have beyond lucky and honored to have a loving, supportive community who have supported us through all of our heavy life stuff. This support should go beyond the two of us: so this is a fun way to get your family together, celebrate Sloan’s birthday in style, and show love for someone who could use it from our great community of people.

Also, we can’t forget that Sloan’s dad Aaron and grandma Kim loved participating in 5Ks. It became a family tradition for years: so our big extended family that goes beyond the Harbath name can now join in the family tradition too!

The Donation Process

And why we might not share the recipient’s info.

Not everyone chooses to share their big, heavy, very real life experiences publicly.

So sometimes the people (parents, kids, and adults) that need to be shown hope, support, and love the most are in hard-to-reach quiet places. Sloan Strength will hustle every year to find the perfect family or person that all donations should be sent to, showing them support and giving them a little financial boost as they face medical bills and the expenses that can come with medical complexities and disabilities.

FWIW, this was a conscious decision. As I (Kari) have been the recipient of so many wonderful gifts and donations in my own time of need, I’ve learned how important this kind of expectation-free support truly is.

From personal experience, sometimes people don’t have the capacity to express gratitude when life hits them hard. (Nor should they be required to give thanks.) So, for that reason, we may not publicly share who receives donations.

We are simply giving to give. No expectations or thanks from the recipient required.

So although we may not publicly share the recipient’s info: just know it’s going to someone who really needs it and you’re supporting a very real family or human. You’ll be contributing to hope, love, and support for someone else.