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“Special Needs” + Why Parents Need to Drop the Term (The Rare Life Podcast)

When it comes to language: we moved away from the term “special needs” in our home along time ago – and that was greatly (gratefully) influenced by the disabled adult creators I follow: like Hannah Setzer from @feedingtubefitness.

So, when my dear friend Maddy from The Rare Life and I had the chance to speak with Hannah on a recent episode of The Rare Life podcast it was THE FREAK OUT OF THE CENTURY FOR ME! It was such a party – and we dove right into the topic: chatting about the terms *disabled* vs *special needs*

I’d love for you to give the ep a listen, follow The Rare Life, and Hannah!

Hannah considers herself a joyful rebel – and I’d like to think this episode reflects that.

Come be joyful rebels with us!