Podcasts & Courses

Kari (Part 1): Aaron (Terrible, Thanks for Asking)

Kari (Part 2): Sloan (Terrible, Thanks for Asking)

The Story of Sloan (The Rare Life Podcast)

Understanding Ableism in the Workplace (Pluralsight)

Trauma in the Workplace (Pluralsight Webinar)

Ableism in the Workplace (Perspectives in Leadership Podcast)

Embracing your Therapy and Medical Tribe (The Rare Life Podcast)

Who Cares (Part 4): Care During COVID (Terrible, Thanks for Asking)

“Special Needs” + Why Parents Need to Drop the Term w/Kari Harbath and Disability Activist Hannah Setzer


Strength in Mothers: The story of Sloan’s Scrunchies

Lead with Love award (Upworthy)

Kari Harbath – Commissioner Bio (Ogden City Diversity Commission)

My grief resume. (LinkedIn)

Sloan | Life with CHARGE Syndrome (

Marathoning in the Mountains (The Ogdenite)

7 Holiday Survival Tips from an Ogden Realist (The Ogdenite)

Sloan’s Scrunchies

Sloan’s Scrunchies (IG Page)

Sloan’s Scrunchies (FB Page)

Sloan’s Scrunchies (Ko-Fi)


19-Month-Old In ICU After Being Diagnosed with COVID-19 (KSL News)

The Powerful Significance of One (TED Talk with Amy Wilde. Sloan appearance at the end.)

Beyond the work above, the next two lists honor Aaron (Sloan’s dad), Kim (Sloan’s grandma), and their life’s work and passions.

Honoring Aaron

Aaron Loftus Memorial Playlist

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself (Aaron’s favorite book)

Mormon Stories Podcast Community


Honoring Grandma Kim

Elder Rights Advocacy – Our Story

Come Together Community Meal

Kim Harbath Memorial Bench Location


Pictured: Aaron and Kim – the best of friends.