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Toys for a Sensory-Seeking DeafBlind Toddler

I joke about this all the time, but because of Sloan’s DeafBlindness people often think she’ll love soft stuff.


While Sloan loves a good back pat and snuggle she does NOT (and I repeat – does NOT) love soft things.

The spikier, pokier, harder, harsher, and more tactile a toy: the better off we all are. And if something vibrates or moves…Then there’s no question it’s going to be a winner in Sloan’s book.

Lately we’ve found some BIG favorites in the toy collection that Sloan absolutely loves. The key toy that comes to mind is the Hex Bug. This little guy is a wild time and was sent to us from Hannah (S/O to Hannah!) an intervener who has worked with DeafBlind kids herself, so she knows what’s up. This little bug fits perfectly in my purse, and it goes everywhere with us because not only is it Sloan’s favorite toy to play with: but if she finds herself getting overstimulated or frustrated, we know it will help her feel balanced and regulated too. The Hex Bug may be around for her entire life, because it’s just that good. We all need a Hex Bug or two.

For example: in the photo above, Mickey just gave Sloan her Hex Bug! We had a magical moment (certificate and everything) with Safari Mickey and Minnie at Disneyworld. It lasted ten minutes and it was just the best! Mickey learned how to turn on the Hex Bug and hand it to Sloan – she was THRILLED. So trust me when I say the Hex Bug is the real MVP here! …Also, Safari Mickey was pretty great too. 😉

The other toys in the list below are some of Sloan’s faves – or similar to her faves – that we always have on standby. Whether it’s in the car, near the couch, or during her 3 AM CHARGE parties: Sloan is prepped with one of these toys to stay entertained and have a good time.

Here’s the list if you want to check it out:

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