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3 disabled female creators to support on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! This year, in particular, I find myself focusing on women who don’t have the time, support, or energy to honor today. The women who won’t be able to stop and take a moment, honoring their own personal growth and womanhood today as they balance hectic lives, care for their families, fight systemic barriers, and attempt to stay afloat in a largely inaccessible, patriarchal society.

Today, I honor those women.

I also honor and think of all the beautiful women who have had a huge impact on my own life: my mom, my sister, my dear friends, Sloan, and the long list of women in Sloan’s life – doctors, nurses, therapists, experts, and educators – who continue to guide us on our journey as Sloan grows older. There are so many women to name here. If you think you’re on this list, it’s safe to guess you are. 🙂

I firmly believe showing self-pride and honoring one’s self is important today.

…But so is showing up for other women in actionable ways, too.

Support these women on International Women’s Day

These three women are prime examples of putting their intellect, creativity, humor, and originality to impactful work. I am a huge fan of them.

So if you’re looking to take action beyond a post or selfie this International Women’s Day and haven’t found the right opportunity for that yet: you can follow and support these three rad humans with the click of a button.

3 powerful disabled female creators

Demystifying Disability: What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an Ally
IG: Emily Ladau
Hannah’s Handcrafted Elderberry Products
IG: Hannah Setzer
Upgrade Accessibility
IG: Mary Fashik

Thank you for being here and being an ally.

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