Family / Grief

Happy Birthday to my favorite mom: Kim McCorkle-Harbath

Mom would always remind me, Kassie, and (eventually) Aaron a BAJILLION times a day “If god lined up all the children in the entire world, you know which three I’d pick?”

(…Then, depending on mom’s mood, she might throw some shade. Or, when Aaron came along, he would always throw a little shade.)

And after shade was thrown, and Kassie and I might’ve rolled our eyes. (Aaron never did, he absorbed and loved every minute of it!) Mom always ended her question by saying she’d pick me, Kassie, and Aaron over and over and over again.

So – if god (or whatever powers that be, possibly the flying spaghetti monster?) lined up all the moms in the entire world…You know who I’d pick again?

((Paula)) Kim McCorkle-Harbath.

Love you, mom. Happy Birthday. <3 I miss you every second of every day.

Our mom’s memorial video – courtesy of my dear friend, Austin Allen.