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Making digital content accessible to the blind with ScriptSpeak

This is one of my favoritest, happiest blog updates so far. (YES I SAID FAVORITEST.)

Thanks to my dear friend and fabulous disability advocate Macy Gilson (hi Macy!), I’m so excited and honored to share that she connected us with the wonderful team of brothers over at ScriptSpeak. (Hi Clay and Trent!) Clay and Trent volunteered to spend their valuable time making our site more accessible to all users with their text to speech software: ScriptSpeak.

ScriptSpeak is out to make digital content more accessible for everyone: whether you’re cycling around town, taking long walks on the beach, or chillin’ in your room and want to simply stare at the ceiling in existential crisis mode as you listen to your favorite blogger….Clay and Trent have you covered.

But the most exciting part for me, Sloan, and our community of CHARGErs and people with blindness is that ScriptSpeak is making digital content accessible to the blind population, too.

Okay. Wait. One more time.


…How cool is that?!?

In speaking with Clay and Trent, they mentioned that as assistive tech evolves: so will ScriptSpeak‘s tooling. We talked about a day where Sloan and the DeafBlind population can access and engage with our platform as tech continues to solve for the big gaps in accessibility and assistive communication devices today.

I can’t wait for that day to come, and am thrilled to be connected with such a cool company and kind group of people focused on making digital content more easily accessible for everyone.

Especially people with disabilities.

Thank you for making my site more accessible, ScriptSpeak!

This team and brother duo is making good things happen in the world and my advocate-AF-mom-heart is happy today.

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