Sloan Strength 5K: final round of highlights!

We have accomplished Unicorn badassery at it’s finest. Why? Because we (YOU) did it!

The Sloan Strength 5K was finished on a Trexo, accomplished in Hawaii, and rolled in wheelchairs along paved roads.

Some of us wore running shoes and some wore AFOs.

Some of us have paws and some of us have feet.

Some of us even snacked during the 5K itself: both through gtubes and by mouth!

So…Is this the best 5K to ever exist on the face of the earth? We think so. And we can’t wait to see where it goes next.

We’re mailing out medals and finalizing donations. Once we do, I’ll provide a final update! For now, here is the last roundup of the fantastic pictures we’ve seen flooding in from all of you.

We love you! This was awesome.

Thank you for being such a wonderful community of supportive, loving people. <3