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Kassie’s Childhood Journal: emo people lol

In a time of real life heaviness and a world that seems to be hanging by a terrifyingly thin thread: Kassie, Sloan, and I (Kari) present to you the wisdom and guidance of Kassie’s mind in 2006. You’ll find solace in the depth of her 12-year-old life experience as we explore her journal and the heaviness of her life at the time. She never ceases to amaze us though, as she prevails in the face of the heaviest life trials with an endlessly positive mindset and “everything happens for a reason” mentality.

We hope you create space to join us on this weekly journey.

Journal Prompt: “Here’s what’s hard about life today…”

(Timestamp: sometime in 2006, probably when mom was napping, dad was at work, and Kari was blasting Evanescence.)

“people are way 2 judgemental. way 2 much drama. it just doesn’t make it fun! and war in iraq, natural disasters, EMO PEOPLE! lol tons of things.”

-Kassie’s response at 12 years old

“I don’t wanna face everyone. I don’t wanna do seventh grade.” – Maya, PEN15